[mbsspn030​.​1] A Scanner Darkly EP1: Substance D

by 3dtorus And Friends

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Last autumn I thought about making my first ever Drum`n`Bass tracks. The outcome after a few days was a three track EP. Also I thought that I´ve seldomly had tracks of mine remixed by others (I can´t remember if at all...). So I made a remix EP project out of it which will be released on three EPs, each with one original track and remixes by three invited friends: These are Groovehare, nystada and Apparently Shane (you can find links below). Also below there´s a link to a Wikipedia article on the novel this EP is based on: Philip K. Dicks`s "A Scanner Darkly". As I´ve been DJing Drum´n´Bass back in the 1990s, I had a bold idea of how to build the tracks - I hope you like the outcome, anyway - if not you´ll definitely love the remixes which have nicely experimented with the original topic.

- 3dtorus





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