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[mbsspn010] Fantastique Plastique

by Roofhare And Friends

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1. Fantastique Plastique - Roofhare

This album was conceived by Roofhare (Kees de Groot). The first track of this album was composed by him entirely from sounds made by plastic objects found around the house. The sounds were recorded using a Zoom Hn4 digital stereo recorder. These sound samples were then manipulated in Iris (by Izotope) and played with a Fishman TriplePlay guitar midi controller on a Fender Stratocaster. Artists on this album were invited to slice, dice, mash, grind, blend, stretch, shrink, and manipulate Roofhare’s track any way they saw fit. The artists were not given any stems. They were asked to work with this track. As such it is not entirely proper to call the included tracks remixes. I see them more as collages that use bits and pieces. The results of this open request are represented in this album. My deepest gratitude to all who contributed their creative and unique spirits to this project. I hope that you will be as impressed by this diverse collection as I am.

You can find Roofhare’s music here:


2. Plastisch Fantastisch - Nystada

It was a real pleasure to work with the amazing recordings Kees provided. Though I only used them for spicing up rhythm elements, they are worth filling up much more space. The lyrics are in German: “Plastisch fantastisch - das Objekt transformiert in Ton und Emotion” and the meaning is: “Plastic fantastic - the object transformed into sound and emotion.”

If you want to hear more from my solo-project, please check:


3. Industrial Plastique - M3t4rt!

This track is a dystopian turn on the lifecycle of a plastique bag. It follows all the burden it has to endure during its existence. Please spare a moment for the plastique bag.

M3t4rt! can be found & contacted here:

E-Mail: m3t4rt[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: twitter.com/M3t4rt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/M3t4rt
Tumblr: m3t4rt.tumblr.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/m3t4rt
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/M3t4rt
Dizzijam: m3t4rt.dizzyjam.com

4. Plastique Fantastique (Mécanisme Remix) - Ian Haygreen

A quick word about Plastique Fantastique (Mécanisme Remix). I made it up as I went along. Actually it wasn’t that simple because I had to edit down the parts I wanted to use, using Audacity. A bit of jiggery-pokery with filters and whatnot followed and the result it what you’rehearing now. I didn’t have an overall plan in mind as such – I knew I wanted a clockwork sound in the background and built the track up from there, dropping the original in the middle of it. I thought it could summon up the image of being inside a timepiece. Or a factory. Or something.

You can find more of Ian Haygreen’s music here:


5. Fantastique Plastique (Drill Mix) - Dental Drill Slips

Sound sculptor Dental Drill is a member of tourmaline hum and producer for The Committee For Sonic Research.

You can find Dental Drill’s music projects here:

Dental Drill Slips:

tourmaline hum:

The Committee For Sonic Research:

6. Plastique - Andrulian

The process was to take the original and chop it into smaller samples for further processing. I applied subtle EQ and reverb for one set and a more extreme delay, reverb and time stretching for another. I then selected what sounds I was going to use, including some of the unprocessed chopped up samples. Some of the processed samples were reversed and I re-pitched one sound to make a bass sound. My initial thoughts were to create a minimal feel to the remix. Because of the different sound characteristics to drum sounds, I experimented using them in the same way as drum samples and found that they created some really interesting grooves so used that change in idea. I added a simple bassline and then started layering using the processed samples with different pan positions and volumes. I’d normally apply much more variation but had to really force myself to keep variation to a minimum to maintain and build the groove.

You can find Andrulian’s projects here:


7. Fantastique Plastique (Stomp Remix) - Isotherme

I sliced Roofhare’s Fantastique Plastique track into 3 distinct sections and used them to form the high percussion throughout the track. The first slice features most prominently, and was doubled and panned left and right, and then set out of time by a few milliseconds to give a slight echo character in the left and right channels. The second and third slices were altered in pitch. The third slice features at the very end, and was thrown through a slow, low to high filter sweep. I used Camel Audio’s Alchemy for the detuned kick drum, the hip-hop kit and for the bass. Izotope’s Iris was used for the thumb piano and organ, and G-Force’s M-Tron Pro was used for the Mellotron strings. Finally, the robotic number countdown came from a speaking crosswalk in New Paltz, NY and there are a few gong sounds that I altered in pitch and reversed to provide a build in the section transitions. Both the crosswalk and gong were recorded with an iPhone 5 microphone.

You can find Isotherme’s projects here:


8. Kunststoff - The Geeky Disco Experiment

Geeky Disco Experiment expresses his thanks for having the opportunity to contribute to this album.

You can find an extensive collection of his work here:


9. Sixteen Plastique Warships - Nermond

We had some left over audio we recorded that didn’t make the cut for our recent album. I remembered a favorite little part; it was only four seconds long (4.048 to be exact). On this track, our part of the audio (nermond) is from a bass guitar+amp and a phone synth app amplified through a home stereo system. It was a few moments from a live two-person improvisation. I copied and pasted our 4-second loop 19 times, which was just long enough to match up with the 1:13 second track. I then imported the track Fantastique Plastique by Roofhare. I didn’t move or adjust the track; I just listened to each loop individually together with the corresponding part of the original Roofhare track. I found a few favorite 4-second parts from Fantastique Plastique and had fun editing those newly created loops in different ways. I used these (and the original loop of our sounds) to build the remix. Nermond is a two piece experimental instrumental project between beedy (bd) and pei’qu (pq) from Kalamazoo, USA. So far pei’qu playshe guitar, the zipper, and the phone, while beedy hits the piano and throws down with production and communication.

You can find bd and pq’s music projects here:



released September 26, 2014




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