[mbsspn011​.​3] Martim Nas Estrelas 3 (Como Recordacao)

by 3dtorus

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The triple album “Martim Nas Estrelas” was produced during my recent trip to Portugal (parts 1 and 2) and in my studio back home (part 3). It reflects on impressions from this and other stays in a beautiful country, my personal “land of milk and honey”.

Part 1 (Livro Do Desenhos/-> Sketchbook): was made during the first week in Terras De Bouro, a district in the wonderful Parque Nacional do Geres, using just a laptop and earbuds to take simple sketches of my usual daily routine in and around the hotel above the lake between wild and beautiful mountains.

Part 2 (Emocoes Oceanicos/-> Oceanic Emotions): was produced in the second week, I was in Figueira Da Foz at the Atlantic Ocean, and it is as well more elaborated in structures as well as in sound. I was still using only the laptop and producing, mixing and mastering with earbuds. The music reflects on the emotions which were brought up by the width of the ocean and the sky outside in front of my window.

Part 3 (Como Recordacao/-> in memory of…): written and produced one week after returning home with all the beauty of Portugal in my mind but also the distressing effects of the journey in my bones.


released October 1, 2014

Thanks to the guy in charge.
Thanks to my lady for being her, being here and being there.
Thanks to Portugal for taking care of me and for inspiring me.




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