[mbsspn016] oscillator theory

by Rainer Straschill

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oscillator theory.

Is an album where all of the musical content is defined by tuples, more specifically, a well-ordered set of seven of them.
Is a purely electronic album, meaning around 20 different synthesizers, eleven of which exist in the physical domain.
Employs concepts of symmetry, as well as conceptual continuity clues to An Ambient Manifold, making it essentially geeky.

Is Straschill's first release on a label that is not himself, more specifically, on mobiusspin.
Is his first release in 2015, but probably not his last.
Follows in the footsteps of the purely composed releases.

Contains a dark ambient track.
Contains a glitchcore track.
Contains an oldskool techno track.
All of which are essentially one and the same (see above).

Is made for you to listen to.
To think about.
And to enjoy.


released January 15, 2015




Mobius Spin Germany

"Mobius Spin" is dedicated to sounds straight from the heart and soul of people fully devoted to and in love with what they create.

genres: techno/electro/bassmusic/glitch/noise/drone

if you think, the music you produce could suit, please send your demo!
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